KDI 099 DDD   Ragas of Dual Identity

Professor & Veena Vidwan R.Visweswaran

Accompanied by Mannargudi A. Eswaran on the Mridangam and G. Ravichandran on the Ghatam.

Dikshitar and Tyagaraja composed many Kritis in the same raga. However, each has treated a few
such ragas very differently. This difference has created an apparent ambiguity because of the duality
in names and structures of such ragas. In this recording, Prof. R. Viswewaran, Veena maestro and
musicologist, has made a pioneering effort to provide clarity in the names and structures of such
ragas with musical examples duly prefaced with short introductions to each of them. Each raga of
dual identity has been performed by Prof. Visweswaran in the styles of the Dikshitar and Tyagaraja

  1. Introduction
  2. Shankaram Abhirami Manoharam- Rupaka - Dikshitar (Raga Manohari of Dikshitar School)
  3. Neemuddumomu Jupave - Adi - Tyagaraja (Raga Kamalamanohari of Tyagaraja School)
  4. Paritaapamugani- Rupaka - Tyagaraja (Raga Manohari of Tyagaraja School)
  5. Ekaamresa Naayike - Adi - Dikshitar (Raga Suddhasaaveri of Dikshitar School)
  6. Sri Saraswati Vidhiyuvati - Adi - Dikshitar (Raga Devakriya of Dikshitar School)
  7. Naatimaata Marachitivo - Adi - Tyagaraja (Raga Devakriya of Tyagaraja School)
  8. 8.Sri Guruguha Murthe - Rupaka - Dikshitar (Raga Udayaravichandrika of Dikshitar School)
  9. Enta Nerchina - Adi - Tyagaraja (Raga Udayaravichandrika of Tyagaraja School)
  10. Saraswati Manohari - Adi - Dikshitar (Raga Saraswati Manohari of Dikshitar School)
  11. Enta Vedukondu O Raghava - Adi - Tyagaraja (Raga Saraswati Manohari of Tyagaraja School)
  12. Saindhavi Ragapriye - Adi - Dikshitar (Raga Saindhavi of Dikshitar School)
  13. Maaye Twam Yaahi - Adi - Dikshitar (Raga Tarangini of Dikshitar School)
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