Live recordings from Sawai Gandharva Festival, Pune
Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Mohiniattam, Kuchipudi etc.

With Sridar Parthasarathy (Mridangam) * Shekhar
(Gatam) * Madhavan (Violin) * Lalitha, Jyothi (Taala)
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Suresh Kumar, who started out as a western lead guitarist and then became a shishya of U.Srinivas the
mandolin musician par excellence, is known for his gaayaki (vocal-equivalent) style of playing, which
preserves the integrity of the compositions’ bhaava.

No word in the English language can adequately describe bhaava. It is the feeling, the emotional bed or
the soul of the composition expressed by the musician that gives a holistic character to the rendition.
Without bhaava, a rendition is empty. It is remains just a tune rendered without soul. In the ability to portray
bhaava lies the secret of a musician's genius and the rasika’s listening experience.

In this album Suresh Kumar, with his bhaava-laden style, masterly fingering techniques and controlled
playing, has displayed the breadth of his expressive ability on the mandolin – by rendering the more
difficult medium and slow tempo compositions, aided superbly by a mandolin “Dragon” that he has
himself designed with his Guru’s 5-stringed mandolin as the basis.

This recording is an innovative and fresh approach to give popular Carnatic compositions a meditative
interpretation while preserving their traditional tenets and idioms.

The compositions have been selected, arranged and played in an order designed to invoke the mood
(tracks 1 & 2), sustain the meditative state (tracks 3 to 6), ease out of meditation (track 7) and awaken to a
peaceful state (tracks 8 & 9).

In the 10th track Suresh Kumar sings along while playing the mandolin

Entering the meditative state

1.  Sreemann Naaraayana  Bowli  Aadi  Annamaachaarya 8:03
2.  Gaanamoortay  Gaanamoorti  Dayshaadi  Tyaagaraaja 5:08
Sustaining the meditative state
3.  Paramaatmudu  Vaagadheeshwari  Aadi  Tyaagaraja 9:03
4.  Akhilaandayshwari  Jujaawanti  Aadi  Muttuswaamy Deekshitar  8:19
5.  Maanasa Guruguha  Aananda Bhairavi  Roopaka  Muttuswaamy Deekshitar 10:22
6.  Sree Kaantimateem  Haymavati  Aadi  Muttuswaamy Deekshitar  9:21
Easing out of the meditative state
7.  Padasaanati  Kaamboji  Mishra  Chaapu  Swati Tirunaal Mahaaraaja  6:17
Evoking a peaceful state after the meditation
8.  Govardhana Giridhara  Darbaari  Aadi  Naaraayana Teertha 4:35
9.  Govindaa  Janasammodini  Aadi  Purandara Daasa  4:39
10.  Bonus Demo Track
 Maanasa Guruguha
 Aananda Bhairavi  Roopaka  Muttuswaamy Deekshitar 7.49
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Carnatic Instrumental - Mandolin
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