Music Plus is an owner managed business operating out of Pune, India and owns the Koel Music record label with a
repertoire of 80+ recordings of Carnatic classical vocal and instrumental music and Sanskrit hymns and chants.

Koel Music was established at a time when CD technology was non existent in India. It was my humble attempt to make
available selected recordings of the Sangeetha brand owned by the Master Recording Co. of Chennai to the Indian diaspora

Over the years, Koel Music has made a mark for itself and held its own against the giants of the industry.  Koel Music is not a
big label, but what we do, we try to do well.

Reaching classical music to rasikas worldwide thru brick and mortar shops has always posed a huge challenge to small
independent record labels. So the decision to put our shop on the net.

Apart from Koel Music CDs, we now stock and sell CDs and VCDs of other brands to offer our customers a wider choice.  Our
site has also been upgraded to offer  better surfing comfort.

We hope you will enjoy our music as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.

If you feel like writing to us, do not hesitate to put qwerty to screen.
B. Shankaranarayan
Music Plus
1, Kanchangad
Kanchan Galli
Off Law College Road
Pune 411004
Tel: +91 20 25432377
Live recordings from Sawai Gandharva Festival, Pune
Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Mohiniattam, Kuchipudi etc.
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