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CHANTS - RUDRAM CD + Book combo pack

  1. Rudra Namakam  
  2. Chamakam
  3. Purusha Suktam
  4. Sri Suktam
  5. Mantra Pushpam
  6. Runa Vimohana Mangala Sthothram
  7. Swasti Vachakam
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Sri Rudram & Purushasuktam, a 187 page book defined as a contemplative study by its
author Swami Amritananda, will help the lay person understand the real meaning of these
grand hymns. The author has taken the commentaries of great sages to make the meaning
of these mantras as clear as possible.
Bombay Sisters
Book edited by Swamy Tapasyananda

  1. Lalitha Sahasranama Sthothram
  2. Ashtotharam
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This 282 page book has a detailed 46 page introduction by Dr. D. S. Sarma and contains the
entire hymn in Sanskrit, an English transliteration (Sanskrit in English script) and English

The Lalitha Sahasranama, a Sanskrit hymn imparted by Hayagriva in the Brahmanda Purana,
was composed in praise of the Goddess Lalitha Ambika (The Playful One) worshipped as the
Universal Spiritual Energy (Sakti). The Puranas and Tantras through their narratives tried to
create an experience of an Adorable Being and man’s intimate relationship with that Being.
Lalithambika is one of the finest products of this line of thinking.  

It consists of three chapters - an introduction, the thousand names (Sahasranama) and the
panegyric of accruing benefits.

The Lalitha Sahasranama is a work of great poetry. Greater still is its religious content. It
stresses both the transcendent and immanent nature of Lalitha and is pervaded by Vedantic
thought. The predominant influence is of Tantric philosophy and Sadhana. The three pillars of
Tantric teaching - the Pancadasi mantra, the Kundalini Yoga and the Sricakra are prominent.
Bombay Sisters
Book edited by Swamy Tapasyananda
  1. Soundarya Lahari
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Saundarya Lahari or "Inundation of Divine Splendour"is a highly poetical yet technical work. It is a
hymn of praise of Tripurasundari, lalita, Sodasi in her creative aspect. It also deals with the
technicalities of Sri Cakra and its worship as per the Samaya tradition.

The book, edited by Swami Tapasyananda contains the Sanskrit text with transliteration &
translation in English along with notes based on Laksmidhara's commentary.
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